Henry’s Stem Cell Treatment Fundraiser…

This blog is for my son Henry who was diagnosed with ASD ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ at the age of 2. In his young life he’s endured so much medical analysis but very little professional medical support to assist with his disability.

My wife & I like all parents work extremely hard to ensure that he has the best facilities available to him, but unfortunately in the UK we’re streets behind what the rest of the world is doing in understanding Autism & also treating it. Autism is something that is unlikely to ever be cured but with the disability increasing within children in the UK at an alarming rate, you would think that more medical resource would be put into research to help these children.

In light of this, my wife & I have taken it upon ourselves to research alternative treatment/therapies for Henry to give him the best possible life. We came across Stem Cell treatment for Autism & have since read every article we could find on the treatment, the success stories & the science behind it. We truly believe that this treatment could be the next step forward for Henry's development. 

However the treatment is very expensive & not yet available in the UK. We have spoken with other families across the world in a similar situation & have chosen a clinic in Panama which has had amazing results from the use of Stem Cell Treatment. The money raised will fund 2/3rd's of the actual cost of treatment & we would appreciate any donation or support you can offer to help us succeed.

My wife will be setting up a Facebook page shortly which will have more information on Henry’s story from now until treatment, together with additional fundraising activities that we will be organising in the near future.

My wife & I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article & also for your support!

For more information on Stem Cell Therapy for Autism patients, please visit their web page here.

Additionally, if you would like to make a contribution towards Henry’s treatment, please visit our Fundraising page here.

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